Uma Nair writes about Nikhil Chopra at Documenta 14 | Architectural Digest

Posted on June 30, 2017

Published online: June 8, 2017

“The audience at Documenta 14 will be invited to be witness to the transformations that the performance, the intuitive act of drawing, and the intensity of the patterns in persona that will unravel as the experience of aural and visual streams blend into one’s consciousness.
At his show in London last year Nikhil gave an insight into his working: “I think drawing or making maps or taking photographs or making images of something … [is] … an act of claiming ownership over it. My take on it is to reclaim a certain kind of history, to return, in fact, [to] this orientalist discussion about the Western traveller coming to the East and making documents and taking them back home. I want to be the oriental, perhaps, that comes to the West and makes drawings… And makes chronicles and perhaps goes back home to India with… documentation of that.”
This is an apt epitaph in the land of Greeks and stoic legions of literature and the arts”.

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