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Half – Life

Aditya Pande

9 November - 12 December
Half – Life


A graduate from the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Aditya Pande is an artist whose process involves both the manipulation of computer-aided technologies as also more traditional media. As such, an individual work may draw on the use of media as diverse as vector drawing, digital photography, ink, tinsel and acrylic paint. Dense layering of the picture plane marks the artist’s process; this often extends right onto the acrylic covering the artwork.

Half-life consists of a suite of mixed media on paper works. In this major new series, Pande has teased out a multiplicity of meaning, re-wiring familiar imagery to be read as something quite other. The works present variations on a constant substructure: the joining of the circle with the semi circle, the full with its half. At the same time the interpretation of the semi circle and circle can also be the command or function, ‘DO’.