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A to Zoo

Aditya Pande

8 November - 30 November
A to Zoo


In the work of Aditya Pande we are thrown into a world of amorphous characters that whirl around his frame of vision prodding, sucking and entering each other. These frantic, active works are created using layers of vector drawing and photography which are then overlaid with materials as diverse as ink, tinsel and acrylic paint. For all their visual impact, there is never any losing focus on the fact that we are led very deliberately into considering the processes involved in the works’ creation.

The generic drawing software used by the artist is capable of describing lines between points by attributing specific mathematical functions to define their resolution. As a kind of an anti-drawing drawing process the artist sculpts these vector line drawings by continuously stretching, blending and distorting them instead of plotting or generating the lines along specific paths. The artist creates a bank of these vector drawings that he calls upon over multiple works; in each case the stock drawing takes on a different shape depending on the compositional needs of the work. By opting to recall imagery that may have been present in a previous work, albeit in each case bending and twisting the base image into an entirely new avatar, Aditya invites the viewer to regard his process in the most precise and honest way possible for an artist using digital medium as a tool.


Installation views