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Zones of Privacy

11 August - 3 September
Zones of Privacy


Curated by Rukminee Guha Thakurta

Dinesh Abiram | Nikheel Aphale | Himanshu & Aqui | Sunandini Basu | Amit Chahaliha | Nida Ghouse | Chandan Gomes | Sohrab Hura | Priya Kuriyan | Amit Mehra | Prashant Miranda | Uzma Mohsin | Amarnath Praful | Vivekananda Roy Ghatak | Rohit Saha | Aditi Sharma | Allen Shaw | Nishant Shukla | Dayanita Singh | Gagan Singh | Chaitanya Solanki | Vinayak Suresh | Adira Thekkuveettil | Nityan Unnikrishnan | Roy Varghese

This exhibition of books brings together artists across disciplines. The animators, graphic designers, photographers, painters, book artists, calligraphers, interaction designers and students have the book at the heart of their practice. There are books and book objects, published by eminent publishers, which explore the idea of the book as art. There are self-published and distributed editions. Some are journals of memory or records of events. There are sketchbooks, scrapbooks, study books and books dedicated to friends or lovers. These books hold humour and darkness, melancholia and obsessions; and, by sharing them, the artists allow the viewer the pleasure of a glimpse of their innermost lives, a glimmer of moments when they were immersed in private zones of bookish activities.

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