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you deserve to D.I.Y.

Bombay Underground Bookhouse

you deserve to D.I.Y.


you deserve to D.I.Y. | a celebration of zine culture
in collaboration with Bombay Underground

on view: 22 April – 11 May
Tuesday – Saturday | 11am – 7pm

‘you deserve to D.I.Y.’ is a celebration of independently published literature, comic books, poetry, journalism, and drawings. With a wide range of works, from more than hundred zinesters around the world, the exhibition hopes to foster and to nourish the expansion of zine culture in Bombay and beyond.

Zines, most commonly, are small-circulation and self-published works of original or appropriated material reproduced using a photocopier, printing press, or just paper and pen. Dissidents and members of socially marginalised groups have published their own opinions in leaflet and pamphlet form for as long as such technology has been available. The primary intent of publication is usually for purposes other than profit. Zines frequently draw inspiration from a do-it-yourself (D.I.Y.) philosophy.

The heart of the act of zine-making is rooted in the physical interaction between zinester, zine, and reader. The experience of handling zines in person – turning each page to reveal intimate secrets, funny comics, and poetry – can’t be duplicated online. Throughout the duration of the exhibition, members of Bombay Underground will be revising, reviving, and remaking self-published material; visitors will also be encouraged to participate.

~ Bombay Underground is Aqui Thami + Himanshu S + a whole bunch of friends