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16 April - 8 May
Was Is


This is the second time that the artists have collaborated on an exhibition. Having met as students at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, Aditya and Michael have been joined in this project by Michael’s wife, Mira, and their children, Zama and Nalo. The Switzerland based Tschaeni family will be performing at the gallery on April 15 at 6.30pm. The works on show include those by Aditya and collaborative works by Michael and Mira as well as video documentation of a previous performance by the Tschaenis.

All the works draw on the artists’ notions of myths and confounding them with reality. Michael and Mira collaborate on their works as they paint simultaneously in reverse with their individualistic and divergent styles on the same work. Aditya works on his own, synthesizing seemingly opposing methods and imageries.

The focus of the exhibition is to deliberately contrast different approaches to painting and aesthetics whilst still achieving a state of mutual resonance. There is an underlying thread connecting the works in the essence of its experimentation and themes. The contexts of the Indian and Swiss artists are quite different and yet, they feel, that there seems to be a common ground in the approach and articulation of these works.


Aditya Pande

Husmann + Tschaeni