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Vakratunda Swaha

Ashish Avikunthak

21 May - 17 June
Vakratunda Swaha


Chatterjee & Lal is pleased to announce an exhibition of film and film stills entitled Vakratunda Swaha by Ashish Avikunthak. This will be the world premiere of Vakratunda Swaha (2010, 22 mins, 35mm). Stills from Vakratunda Swaha will be on display at the gallery. The exhibition will also be accompanied by a quartet of short films entitled Etcetera (1998, 32 mins, 16mm).

Vakratunda Swaha is a film made over the course of 12 years. It begins as a requiem to a friend who passed away and ends as a contemplation on death and ritual.  Using the footage of the late artist Girish Dahiwale (1974-1998) filmed in 1997 as the kernel, the film is a meditative exploration on the place of dying and resurrection in our times.

Etcetera is a tetralogy that was made between 1995-1998. These are structuralist films that simultaneously explores the banality of mythic acts and the myth of banal rituals.

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