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Line Bombs

Gagan Singh

12 September - 25 October
Line Bombs


Line Bombs is the debut solo show by Gagan Singh, a Delhi based artist whose prime interest is to be found in line drawing.

These delicate and sparse paperworks have been produced over a period of five years and vary in scale. The exhibition also includes animation* and site-specific interventions.

The content of the work falls into two broad categories, the autobiographical and the erotic. In both cases, humour acts as a point of access through which other issues, often more serious, are explored by the artist.

Born in 1975, Singh studied fine art in the UK and has exhibited in various group shows including the Sarai Reader 09 at the Devi Art Foundation, Delhi, 2012 – 2013.

*The animation in the present exhibition was made possible through funding from the India Foundation for the Arts.