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Rashid Rana

12 November - 29 November


Rashid Rana continually surprises us even as he presents images that are familiar to the viewer: a street corner, animal carcases, crowds of onlookers, mounds of garbage. It is in the arrangement of these commonplace sights that he is able to weave extraordinary artworks that at once seduce and shock. Over the last three years his process has pushed him into the production of ever larger format works; works that often play on the viewer’s perception of reality.

In the present exhibition, Rana exhibits both new works as well as those that have been shown globally in the last one year. In this sense the show represents a work in progress, a snapshot of the artist: a freeze frame. In the images evident in the work, culled from the internet, abattoirs, around street corners, we get the sense of an artist constantly on the move, restless: and it is perhaps here that we sense the dislocation hinted at in the show’s title.