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Ashish Avikunthak

2 July - 31 July


Kalkimanthankatha | The Churning of Kalki

Bengali feature film by Ashish Avikunthak, 79 min., India, Germany, 2015

Following the footsteps of Samuel Beckett’s “Waiting for Godot”, two actors from Calcutta go to the largest gathering of humans on earth – the Hindu festival of Maha Kumbh of Allahabad in 2013, which occurs once in 12 years, to search for Kalki – the Tenth and the final avatar of Lord Vishnu. The most mysterious of Vishnu’s Avatar who has been on earth but has never been found. However, an outbreak of a monumental war occurs during their quest. They then prepare themselves by reading Chairman Mao-se-Tung’s “Little Red Book”.

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