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October 5, 2016


Performed by: Tanmay Dhanania, Bornila Chatterjee

Co-writers: Priyanka Chatterjee, Bornila Chatterjee

Illustrations, Graphic design: Devika Dave Typography, Graphic design: Mohor Mukherjee Sound design: Subhagata “Rivu” Singha Lights: Soumyak Kanti de Biswas, Tanaji Dasgupta

Design, Direction: Priyanka Chatterjee


MAIN LOVER is a fragmentary play that comprises a series of monologues. We peek into the lives of 2 women and a man (celebrities), who express their preoccupations- largely, their triangular involvement with one another and the psychological complexities that emerge from it. We also gaze upon a young girl, her desire for artistic validation online but search for intimacy in real life (IRL).

The play also hints at other themes relevant in our highly surveilled, hyper-celebrity and social media hungry culture.

In an attempt at constructing a flickering, systematic uncertainty about woman-man power dynamics, we have blurred gender identities. Tanmay Dhanania plays 3 women and Bornila Chatterjee gets under the skin of the one male character.

MAIN LOVER weaves an unsteady, fractured narrative- much like subjective memories- accentuated by the use of artworks as wall projection, a minimal light design and a pop/electronic soundscape.


October 5, 2016