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Art HK | 2010 | Minam Apang

Posted on September 14, 2014

A folk tale from the Upper Siang region of Arunachal Pradesh (India),as recorded by Verrier Elwin (1902- 1964), the great English Anthropologist.

Pedong Nane (Pedong = rain, Nane = female elder) gave birth to a malformed baby boy. Afriad that the child would be ostracized, Pedong Nane abandoned him on a large rock, in a clearing deep within the forest.

Abotani ( Abo = father, Tani =human) who was out hunting and gathering in the forest, heard a sound through the wilderness so he raised his bow and aimed in the direction of the sound, expecting it to be a kill. A closer investigation revealed that Abotani’s arrow had found its way to Pedong Nane’s malformed offspring, piercing the baby’s side. The Wind was released and that was how the wind was born.


Art Basel | Art Statements | 2010 | Nikhil Chopra

Posted on September 13, 2014


In March 2010 Nikhil Chopra performed over two days in a museum in Mumbai. The
drawing, costume and residues of that performance will be presented in Basel in June. The booth  at  Art Statements will engage in a dialogue with the inbuilt contradiction
evident in showing the documentation of performance, where the very absence of the performance tends towards a memorializing of the artist and his or her actions. As such the booth design will play with the  aesthetic of museum display, especially with reference to that evident in the Colonial period.

Whilst Nikhil’s performances are time-bound, he is acutely interested in their residues in the forms of video, photography, costumes and drawings.